ParSecure Cyber Attack Protection.
Block cyber attacks before they target you .
Proactive cyber attack protection.

ParSecure X2 ProAktif Koruma

Parsecure X2 Firewall – Thanks to ParSecure X2 Firewall, all the computers

and servers in your network is secured uniquely against cyber attackers!

Cyber Intelligence

detect target country, attacker country and how much damage attackers cost
Our cyber intelligence service is a monitor service used by cybercrime units to
in many countries.
We Have Strong References
Our 19 years of experience and strong references both at home and abroad is the
proof that we make our work with self-confidence and devotion.

Cyber Security Counselling

Protect yourself against cyber attacks
We provide professional solutions for your corporate needs.

The Most Effective Protection System for Cyber Abductors and Attackers

Thanks to ParSecure, we instantly detect the cyber attacks and cyber ransom attacks, which affect all the information systems in the world and prevent them. In 2017, 5 billion $ worth cyber attacks are expected to happen. Some of this cost can come out of your or your company’s pocket. If you do not want to come across a cyber catastrophe when you come to the office one morning, choose ParSecure security system.

How Does ParSecure Firewall Work?

The most extensive security against RDP attack threats!


It detects cyber attacks in all IP blocks around the world including Turkey and it notify our update server about the attackers’ IP addresses. (RDP, MSSQL, MySQL, SSH, FTP)


It provides you an instant protection by updating IP addresses of the attackers. Thanks to ParSecure, this prevents the attacker from entering your system.


You can install ParSecure X1, which is developed by Informatics 112, in all Windows-based devices and you can install ParSecure X2 which is also developed by Informatics 112, in all operating systems.

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